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Half cat. Half machine. All business.

Scratch that IT Itch

Our team can help you plan, purchase, set up, maintain, and troubleshoot your business’s Apple Macintosh environment. And if you’re opening a new office, moving, consolidating, or just need to update your current systems, we have all the solutions you need. We are Mac focused, but also Windows friendly!

1. Plan

2. Purchase

3. Set Up

4. Maintain

5. Troubleshoot

Desktop Consulting

Our desktop consulting services are extensive. They include:

  • Helping you choose the right setup and specs for your needs.
  • Transferring all your applications and data to your new system.
  • Upgrading your OS across your environment.
  • Adding memory and hard drives.
  • Troubleshooting a device that’s giving you issues.
  • Rescuing data from failing or failed hard drives.

Server Solutions

Servers can be complicated—and if yours isn’t working correctly, we have the tools to get it back on track. Our server solutions include:

  • Assistance with safely and securely storing files.
  • Company-wide email setup and integration.
  • VPN services.
  • Setting up backup servers to give you peace of mind.


Keeping your machines talking to one another—and the internet—can be tricky. Our team can make sure all your systems are on the same page. Our networking services include:

  • Getting all devices connected securely.
  • Helping your Mac and Windows machines work together in perfect harmony.
  • Assistance with file access no matter where you are.

Cloud Migration and Maintenance

We’ll research the best cloud-based solutions for your business to help you take control of your data. Our cloud services include:

  • Migrating all of your data to the cloud.
  • Help with file sharing.
  • Assistance with cloud-based email setup.
  • Setting up a cloud-based backup plan.
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates.

Managed Services

We use lots of software tools to make sure your devices are up to date, secure, and quickly deployable. Managed services include:

  • Turnkey onboarding and offboarding for new hires or people leaving the company.
  • Deployment of third-party software en masse.
  • Updating and patching of Mac OS and Microsoft Office.
  • Active monitoring of your hardware for system failures, including failed backups, drives, and malware issues.
  • Providing a current and detailed inventory of all your hardware and software assets.
  • The ability to submit and track service tickets for assistance.
  • Providing account logins for monitoring, inventory management, and ticketing systems.

Everything Else

When you work in the world of IT, all sorts of things can pop up to make life more difficult. From the simplest issues that can be fixed with a couple clicks to complicated hardware failures, we can handle just about anything—with cat-like aplomb.

The partners who scratch our backs.

We’re lucky to work with lots of innovative companies and tools that make our lives a lot easier. These are some of the resources that help us be great.

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